Get to know Island Hawk.

Island Hawk’s message is that the e-commerce arm of your business must exist to compete in today’s economy and should function like a finely tuned machine.

Island Hawk is Different from the Others:

  •  We are not an agency but a team of like-minded people that successfully collaborate to offer you the highest quality results in e-commerce.
  • Our staff has over 10 years of experience in building sales channels on both Amazon and branded websites.
  • Our team of experts stays relevant by networking at major e-commerce conferences, trade-shows, and masterminds each year.
  • We travel internationally to create strategic partnerships for competitive manufacturing, assembly, and custom mold production.
  • We have an unmatched, remarkable understanding of how to connect all parts of the digital sales channel; including shipping fulfillment logistics.

the Founders


After graduating with two degrees in mathematics, teaching kids, and creating a successful award-winning board game brand in brick & mortar retail and E-commerce, Joe has the unique ability to dissect complex systems and connect dots in amazing ways.


With a diverse background in communications/public relations, marketing, photography, and counseling,
Kate knows how to connect products to people in a
visually appealing way.

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